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The Adab of The True Seeker

by Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Al-Buzaydi

Pages: 105
ISBN: 9780955358104

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Product Description

Translated with Introduction & notes by Mokrane Guezzou

An authoritative Sufi manual on the proper conduct (adab) of a seeker on the spiritual path, written by one of the great North African Sufis, Sheikh Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Buzaydi (d.1814). This is lucid translation of al-Adab al-Murid al-Sadiq and includes some of his letters to his disciples. The Shadhili master explains the meaning and significance of the death of one's ego and the inner and outer propriety of the novice upon the Path. The book provides an appreciation of Sheikh al-Buzaydi's method of spiritual training and his relationship with his students. It is, above all, a testimony as to why genuine Sufi masters are the heirs of the Prophet.

A word about the Translation
The translation of Adab al-Murid al-Sadiq as well as extracts from al-Adab al-Mardiyya, was carried out from manuscript copies (in my private collection). One manuscript copy was used for the former work and two different ones for the latter. The lines of poetry recited by Shaykh al-Buzaydi have been omitted without exception. The arrangement of extracts in the first appendix is the translator's. In order to facilitate the reading of the text, sub-headings have also been added. Arberry's translation of the Qur'an is used throughout.