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Days and Nights of the Holy Prophet

by Shaykh Abu Bakar Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Ad-Dinawri

Pages: 268

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Product Description

A translation of Shaykh Ahmad Ibn Muhammad al-Dinwari's (better known as Ibn al-Sunni) Amal al-Yawm Wal-Laylah. English Translation by Zahra Baintner

A†sirah from a different angle. The introduction highlights the importance of supplication and the manners of making supplication. In this context, virtues of dhikr and prayers at different times of day and night are also mentioned. There are chapters on manners in various situations that one encounters such as eating, visting the sick etc. In short, the respected author has mentioned supplications for every necessity from birth to death. Morever, all the prayers and guidelines are as the Prophet†(Allah bless him and give peace)†had taught. 'The most comprehensive book which has been compiled on that subject, and hence most suitable, seemed to be that by Imam Nasaiís illustrious disciple, Shaikh Abu Bakr Ahmad†ibn Muhammad al-Dinwari, better known as Ibn al-Sunni. The title of the said book is 'Aml al-Yawm Wal-Laylah.'