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Ashraf's Advice Upon Death

by Aslam Patel

Pages: 276
ISBN: 9781902627021

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Ashraf's Amanat
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Product Description

This New Revised Enlarged Edition of one of the most popular and comprehensive guide on the Death of a Muslim in English is based upon the authentic Teachings of Pious Scholars of Islăm and outlines the method of acquiring success in this world & the Akhirah (Hereafter).This New Edition is conveniently divided into user-friendly chapters for ease of reference and deals with Spiritual and practical issues:

  • What to do upon the approach of a Muslims death and how to register a death; how to correctly bathe, shroud and bury the janăzah; how to perform the Janăzah Salăh. Common shortcomings on these occasions are highlighted: delaying janăzah; feeding hordes of visitors; depriving women of their rightful inheritance; collective Qur’ăn completion ceremonies; etc.,
  • What to do in cases of stillbirth, miscarriage and accidents;
  • How to spiritually and practically cope with bereavement;
  • Eye-Opening episodes related to death, the grave and poems based upon the epic ‘Dars-e-Ibrat’ & ‘Muraqabah Maut’ are related to make fascinating reading;
  • How and when inheritance should be distributed and performance of those Sunnah deeds, which truly benefit the deceased;
  • New fill-in copies of Health-Care Proxy & Living Will, Last Will & Testament are need now to search for the will;
  • The apparently daunting task of Probate and Grants are addressed in a simple step-by-step manner; the often ignored but prohibitive issue of Inheritance Tax is tackled with suggestions on how to legally avoid this ‘voluntary’ tax on death.
An Essential Reference Book For Every Muslim Home, Library & Masjid