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Ar-Ruh - The Soul's Journey After Death

by Ibn Qayyim Al Jawziyah

Pages: 72
ISBN: 9788172312961

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Product Description

By: Ibn al-Qayyim (Qayyem) al-Jawziyya

English Translation by Duraid & Faiz Fatoohi

The Author has dealt in full detail the origin of soul (this is an abridged translation of His book), its nature, its morality, its place of abode before its connection with the body and then its transmigration into Barzakh, its various conditions and special treatments given to the rewarded soul and punishments meted out to the wicked soul.

The compiler of this book is Imam Shams Al-din Muhammad Ibn Abi Bakr, Ibn al-Qayyim (Qayyem) al-Jawziyya. He was born in Damascus, Syria in 691 A.H/.1292 C.E, and he studied under his father who was the local attendant (qayyim) of al-Jawziyya school. Later on, he pursued his quest for knowledge at the hands of renowned masters and scholars of his epoch, as well as studiying the works and teachings of sufi masters known in his time. His schooling centered around Islamic jurisprudence, theology, and the science of prophetic traditions.
In the year 712/ 1312 at the age of 21 he joined the study circle of Imam Ibn Taimiyyah who kept him in his company as his closest student and disciple, who later on became his successor.