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5Pillars Islamic Board Game

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Islam Inspired Ideas
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Product Description

5Pillars Islamic Board Game   

5Pillars Islamic Board Game

5Pillars Islamic Board Game - The Ultimate Islamic Board Game Experience

Product Description

Increase your knowledge of the pillars of Islam while having loads of fun with your family and friends.

Strategise and rotate your Pillar Tokens in order to build the pillars of Iman, Salah, Zakah, Sawm and Hajj. Conquer all pillars at five difficulty levels before the other team to win! Along the way, cite references from the Quran and Hadith for extra Merit Points so you learn more about Islam with every flip of the card.

Play for a couple minutes or all night long, but for the best learning experience don't stop until you have conquered all the pillars of Islam.

Components Included:

1 game box, 1 game board, 2 punch cards with 25 pillar tiles each, 1 punch card with 5 pillar tokens, 1vacuum tray, 750 cards, 1 instruction manual

Players:2-10 (2 teams)
Ages: 10+
Playing Time: 60 minutes
Product Dimensions: 41.5cm x 26.5cm x 11.0cm